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Monsters and Easy Rider

Saturday, 20th December 2071

Dear Lola,

one day to my b-day. It's no happy day ever since years. Not just that noone cares 'bout that special day, all this xmas shit is kinda f-tale for me too since years. Since mom went dreamland and dad got deathworked. But things are crowdjamming anyways these days. Matrixban went out for everyone, couple of people that got caught have been put quarantine in the new clinic. Liz 'n that hispano Auxdoc watch them day'n night, also Whistler is around when he can.

My last b-day was when I got my commlink. Was for school anyway and have sponsored by school cash, not that I had time to use it much for that after things went downhill home. But normally I don't get anything cause birthday an' x-mas is almost same day. Sucks big balls. All people run out of ebby anyway after first present if they have cash at all, so I only get one thing when I'm lucky. And I don't expect no thing anyway, happyfacing I'm not exed yet is best present ever. And Daniel. Whatever Xmas sucks since Santa at The Beaux got cuted 'n cuffed after "touching" the girl in line front of me when I was ten. Santa's a bum 'n a perv ogling girls. I cute him next time I see one myself, now that I'm elder protect Daniel. Guess I get myself a cuter fast I can before xmas! Fuckin' pervs, fryem all.

Without Liz around I feel quite lone, if Daniel wasn't there or Rusty or Claire showing up. Glitzy checked in last eve, lot worried bout what's going on. Lookin' in the clinic, talking with Liz. She was halve going berserk halve crying but couldn't do anything 'bout it, so swallowed that fuck upthrowing emo instead of spitting it. Better like that, guess, for she's becoming kinda alpha girl with being Docs input 'n as wanna my teacher she oughta be tough as nail for no respect no teachin'.

Gilettes and Slicer are released from clinic but they liptight. Dodged askings about Eric. Liz is also liptight 'bout that and Auxdoc is lookin' serious and stressed. I can tell sm'thin' is going on, I wish I had a boomstick with monsterkill shraps behind my door. Hope fuck'n Santa brings monstakill boomsticks fuck and loads of ammo. We'd once had a Pica coming home scratched 'n clawed like that, we cowboyed him fullgang, burned the corps. Pica no salvage monstacorps. We burn'em. But now no Pica nomore and hope me wrong 'bout that. Cause if Eric is going monsta this fuckin' stupid dangerous an' going sideways.

Glitzy did funny thing. Said Maggie has Electroroller now for being mobile, parked at garage of gnome named Monkeywrench. And it's deal for if I'm going to be student like in Hong Kong flick and she's fuckin' sensei me, I have to be moveable 'n have to work for that. So it's investment to future and should think good about that. Cause it's not present, it's also lot responsibility. It's mine but I have to care it works and if I deepthink that through and say yay there's work to do. If say nay it's all up to me. That sensei thing is kinda cool as being total magic is kinda cool, so yay. Take what ya can.

Don't know why she did that. Maybe cause morrow is my b-day and lady gives me present one day front and makes me work for it? Would be lame. Don't makes sense. Or she doesn't know? Whatever will go to garden ornament grease monkey and take look at roller. Hope I can find out what lady has up her sleeves with that roller. It's too good to be true but Maggie thinks yet she's done a good deal. I guess she scammed me somehow but have no idea how. I will keep eyes open to find out. Soon will know.

Lawn gnome was friendly with Maggie showed her new roller. Clearly pinched thing, bit rundown, he said I still have to chop it. Gave me new autopilot computer and had to insert it. Have totally control of tech. Well wasn't easy job but Maggie did right. Then had to oil it up, do some paintwork which I didn't do too well and had to fix tires, lights and maintain the motor. Gnome had to help me a lot cause I totally fragged that but tried to learn. No problem to mem the manual. With monkeys help roller did run at end of day. For a shorty that gnome is okayish, I guess. Don't understand why people around are so nice to me. It's a feeling like they have sold me to an arab behind my back and try to be nice until he gets me for his fuckin' harem or something. Makes me nervous and twitchy.

Whatever. E-Bike works, I took a testdrive but motor failed after a few hundred meters all smoke 'n shit and I had to push it back to garage and start all over again til nightfall. Guess now I know how she scammed me. Some things are even too expensive as presents! Fuck! I'm smeary like that gnome monkey! But now bike works. Guess hopefully fingers crossed and kicked in wooden doors.

Night, night, Lola!

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