Samstag, 25. August 2012

Monsters and Easy Rider

Saturday, 20th December 2071

Dear Lola,

one day to my b-day. It's no happy day ever since years. Not just that noone cares 'bout that special day, all this xmas shit is kinda f-tale for me too since years. Since mom went dreamland and dad got deathworked. But things are crowdjamming anyways these days. Matrixban went out for everyone, couple of people that got caught have been put quarantine in the new clinic. Liz 'n that hispano Auxdoc watch them day'n night, also Whistler is around when he can.

My last b-day was when I got my commlink. Was for school anyway and have sponsored by school cash, not that I had time to use it much for that after things went downhill home. But normally I don't get anything cause birthday an' x-mas is almost same day. Sucks big balls. All people run out of ebby anyway after first present if they have cash at all, so I only get one thing when I'm lucky. And I don't expect no thing anyway, happyfacing I'm not exed yet is best present ever. And Daniel. Whatever Xmas sucks since Santa at The Beaux got cuted 'n cuffed after "touching" the girl in line front of me when I was ten. Santa's a bum 'n a perv ogling girls. I cute him next time I see one myself, now that I'm elder protect Daniel. Guess I get myself a cuter fast I can before xmas! Fuckin' pervs, fryem all.

Without Liz around I feel quite lone, if Daniel wasn't there or Rusty or Claire showing up. Glitzy checked in last eve, lot worried bout what's going on. Lookin' in the clinic, talking with Liz. She was halve going berserk halve crying but couldn't do anything 'bout it, so swallowed that fuck upthrowing emo instead of spitting it. Better like that, guess, for she's becoming kinda alpha girl with being Docs input 'n as wanna my teacher she oughta be tough as nail for no respect no teachin'.

Gilettes and Slicer are released from clinic but they liptight. Dodged askings about Eric. Liz is also liptight 'bout that and Auxdoc is lookin' serious and stressed. I can tell sm'thin' is going on, I wish I had a boomstick with monsterkill shraps behind my door. Hope fuck'n Santa brings monstakill boomsticks fuck and loads of ammo. We'd once had a Pica coming home scratched 'n clawed like that, we cowboyed him fullgang, burned the corps. Pica no salvage monstacorps. We burn'em. But now no Pica nomore and hope me wrong 'bout that. Cause if Eric is going monsta this fuckin' stupid dangerous an' going sideways.

Glitzy did funny thing. Said Maggie has Electroroller now for being mobile, parked at garage of gnome named Monkeywrench. And it's deal for if I'm going to be student like in Hong Kong flick and she's fuckin' sensei me, I have to be moveable 'n have to work for that. So it's investment to future and should think good about that. Cause it's not present, it's also lot responsibility. It's mine but I have to care it works and if I deepthink that through and say yay there's work to do. If say nay it's all up to me. That sensei thing is kinda cool as being total magic is kinda cool, so yay. Take what ya can.

Don't know why she did that. Maybe cause morrow is my b-day and lady gives me present one day front and makes me work for it? Would be lame. Don't makes sense. Or she doesn't know? Whatever will go to garden ornament grease monkey and take look at roller. Hope I can find out what lady has up her sleeves with that roller. It's too good to be true but Maggie thinks yet she's done a good deal. I guess she scammed me somehow but have no idea how. I will keep eyes open to find out. Soon will know.

Lawn gnome was friendly with Maggie showed her new roller. Clearly pinched thing, bit rundown, he said I still have to chop it. Gave me new autopilot computer and had to insert it. Have totally control of tech. Well wasn't easy job but Maggie did right. Then had to oil it up, do some paintwork which I didn't do too well and had to fix tires, lights and maintain the motor. Gnome had to help me a lot cause I totally fragged that but tried to learn. No problem to mem the manual. With monkeys help roller did run at end of day. For a shorty that gnome is okayish, I guess. Don't understand why people around are so nice to me. It's a feeling like they have sold me to an arab behind my back and try to be nice until he gets me for his fuckin' harem or something. Makes me nervous and twitchy.

Whatever. E-Bike works, I took a testdrive but motor failed after a few hundred meters all smoke 'n shit and I had to push it back to garage and start all over again til nightfall. Guess now I know how she scammed me. Some things are even too expensive as presents! Fuck! I'm smeary like that gnome monkey! But now bike works. Guess hopefully fingers crossed and kicked in wooden doors.

Night, night, Lola!

Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Jackhead trouble

Saturday, 19th December 2071

Dear Lola,

two days to my birthday, Lola. Noone knows but me become fourteen and total aged like grownups all round. Me not had much kidbe anyway this year, so no much change for me and guess times passed for happyface mom has presents. Last present was commlink which is I hold. So no need anything but sawnoff shotgun with badass monsterkill claymore zombiekill ripapart shells that punch headsize holes in walls. But guess while Santa is nothing I believe since Santa was fired by Ares Homeshopping three years ago, cuffed and taken by police cause don't know why, will try to give me own present myself. Maybe going getting smoothies from iceman in Barrens for Daniel and me. We'll see.

Peeps here have fuck'n problems with jackhead ill. Stuff from AR was total black tribaltatt like flowers grow all round tainer of Spash. People got narced after touching them, guess is some BTL bliss fuckdrug. Cause first that got grilled were joygirls in their tainer with their punters. Never seen jackdrugs going AR and doing aggro on peeps, so that's new. Was much ado peeps got corried in new clinic tainers as if we've no else probs then fuckin' everybody dropped. Or something.

Whatever. Docs down, the chink chiphead, Faye 'n her three cyberfloozies, Slash totally fucked up, her boytoy Snake is out too, totally fucked up in middle of street 'n Blaster 'n Kerry blacked out, one of them jockeys too. All now say matrix no and all have to offline. Cause Snake was blacked without even having any jack 'n shit. So noone knows what happens. Guess is okay to dict log for ya, Lola, but me no going online with freakin' shit going round 'trix here. People lot of ado. Liz checking for vitals at clinic 'n meeting is happening with hackers 'n Growler 'n stuff o' peeps. Tally bonkers.

Wanted to watch film on trixchan but guess noway with flowers all round. Things spread 'n grow, peeps no know what todo. Keeping commlink offline.

Night, night, Lola

Rats takeover

Friday, 18th December 2071

Dear Lola,

Wasn't goin' on much happening. Hangin' round, chillin' and fuck'n waiting in shelters spread sprawlwise. Had sew 'n preparing for raiding Rat's Nest, lot's o' stuff like vests 'n shit. I'm smeary with weapons oil like those grease monkeys that tune rides 'n that. Daniel is fine, flats are rundown but if Scrappers know one thing then helping themselves making a place nice warm, healthy 'n clean-ish.

Doc's been taken by russian mob cause guess it's something with past of warthog named Rivet. He's bulky as a bulldozer even for a trog, guess he's been a cyberboxer owned by russian mobsters. There's been dealing all night long for getting Doc out of hostage, guess Rivet finally paid cause Docs back. Good thing, guess me befriending him, not cuddlewise but respectful. Know Maggie's dead on a word, but guess he's not leader like that.

Sleep now better, but wake up often cause think someone comes to slit me in sleep just to get the thing done and cash the respect for it. No walls in my back, just sleeping bags all 'round. So have been careful. So I chose to sleep cornered with Daniel on belly, so stabber has harder to kill me before I can scream. Screamed last night, but Liz told me was dreaming.

Tonight gang was retaking Nest, me had no much role in it for me better not fighting Pica. Folks no like traitors 'n some of Pica is still chummer of Maggie so even if most are badheads, no happy with spraying lead on them, offing and ripping them guts 'n that work. So happy chilling back from front.

Picas got their asses wiped, Scrappers used walking bombs and cool stuff like that. Think that's like tekkies warfare. Not shootfacing, was more like omg they kill with cuddlebears 'n fuck what happen when pulling weapon and that? Lot's of blood on pave when I popped up on scene many Picas got nailed 'n total p0wned by Scrappers. Super fail Pica. Hose and Pinch got headshot 'n fuck, total offed 'n exed. I driven them off turf for Pica fail. Pica lost war 'n think Pica as gang is total archived file 'n closed.

Me think was good step forward and me driving them off. Cause statement is me no Pica no more but me was loyal til end. May good start with Scrappers for me. But survivers simed me clip on my commlink where they geeked one of girls. Was young Charleen, tried to help her not get fucked by everybody and consider her friend. They funbanged an' bellystabbed her, all simiming that 'n they all shouting, "Maggie you next! Maggie you next! Traitor! Witch! Wa burnya!". 'n shit. Guess that's price: bad dreams.

Three Scrappers got hurt while scavaging new lab for Doc. Doc's making some fuzz 'n nobody seen three since. So guess is something bad happen like illwounding 'n that. Maggie thinks must be conta ill cause all got hidden. Noone notice but know what think? Think was hurt by some crits with illspread, devils rats, ghuls, vamps or shit. Looking bad but Maggie no sleep deep anyway so let it come. Try to get some badass weapon for if damn zombies break out of tainer or shit me first who kill.

Need fuckin' badass monsterweapon. Maggie no fuck'n round with damn zombies.

Night, night, Lola

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Gifted (private)

Friday, 11th December 2071

Dear Lola,

straighttalking I recond her hiding something. Poked her 'bout what the fuck 'n finally she spilled. Reason for her 'n Doc eying me like I told ya was that they 'pose me magically gifted. Hell no! Me magic like dagger in stomach. But ney she said, clearly seeable that there's potential her stated. So schooling will be like for all others but she's adding extras for me. I asked if I'm like Karl Kombatmage or even like Sookie Redflower total kickass spellslinger 'n asskickin' total ubers. But she happyfaced that I nearly angried her for thinking she funnyfacing me for being stupid. But stopped laughing fast and straighttalkin' me that it's not like movies. She's not sure but looking like adept, means no full wizworm, just fucking groggy.

But she said: "Don't worry, Maggie. Your mojo can be kickass and better than any magic that can be done by spellslingers." She said it's more subtle. I said: "Fuck subtle, I wanna have Pica ghost like Doc that kickass whole kitchen and offing halve of gang like that." And snipped. She shaking her head, telling magic is not weapon, it's very mighty tool that comes with lots o' shitty responsib'. "Fuck responsib'", said I, "wanna learn pull out hearts of enemy from chest with bare hand, fast as light 'n shredder whole platoon singlehanded like action hero SIM. Want learn Hong Kong styling! Like you offing Liz, yest. Ya totally victimized Liz." Even if Liz is friend, she sucked yest and I don't give cent on her fighting Glitzy, tell ya that Lola. Wonder if she could ex this Pica ghost summoned Docwise.

And if adepts can kill ghosts like in SIMs I shred wizzworms like snip!

Whatever Glitzy was a downer on that, said first comes responsibility, then comes action. Know when, how and why first, boring. Maybe she said, she'll show me some moves that are good for survival first. She said if ya can't fight such kind of magic is way of death. So better first learn avoid fighting. Maybe true but if with back to wall first strikes lives, no life for second.

Night, night, Lola

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Pigs and Mobs

Friday, 11th December 2071

Dear Lola,

Growler, the chief of Scrappers collapsed today. The Doc fixed it on the fly, put in some new kidneys and saved Growlers life. Talked with Glitzy 'bout fostering and shit during time Doc was mauling Growlers body, to feed wasted intestines to dogs 'n shit. Kidney were totally ex'd by booze 'n beatsticks of Hard Corps, guess. Sorry me, that I'm so mainstreaming 'n adultshitting my writing and write other I talk. It's a deal and have tell ya.

Glitzy's that aged woman and Docs new input. Which seems to be thing they enjoy doing much lately. But she sat down on stairway with me straighttalking 'bout forstering. Said that fostering's shit and she's no fostering anyone and even can't cause she's sick of it and no money honey. But offered my status. Called it Protegée. Looked up it's french for protection. But means more it's not like protection ya have pay weekly and get not hardcored for time you pay, you get real deal for it. Like fucking future and learning shit 'n things. Like being useful I mean, not that corpshit 'n mindrape that's offered by the system. Protegée looks more like realdeal.

Asked her if she can teach me things like fighting. Like she did Liz day before. Said she ain't no money and ain't no knowing if she can afford teaching me moneywise. Can't pay her either with Daniel and that. So guess it's community thing. Maybe have to work or something. And deal is, she's teaching me things I wanna know only if me willing learn things she thinks I should. Means respect her as teacher, not just take but . Whatever. We'll see. First step she said is learn write mainstream. Again. Protegée, will see how that works for me. If works at all. But think it's as difficult for me as for them. So guess is good deal. Will try.

KE raided neighbor flat later that day, all SWAT 'n shitload 'n Liz started boohooing after they flashbanged them. No know if neighbors were terrorists or gangsters or runners or shit. But they got blindfolded, cuffed and offdriven in black Mariah. No music since, cause boombox was outblown on street through window by flashbang.

We organized free tickets for near Sweatshop and got lucky offdriving with first shipment. So I chilled in bath and swimming and shit with Liz 'n Claire and others. We missed the Mobsers that were searching for Rivet. No think I teardrop 'bout that. But they abducted Doc for Rivet was windowjumping and going randomrunning on street. Whatever happened we chilled out almost an hour. Then we're offdarting to new squat, for old one was busted.

Rest of day was waiting. And working. Got some damaged armor and everybody repaired all day. While some went off, safe Doc. All went well, Doc arrived with Rivet and girlfriend at nightfall. No knowing what deal went to feed russian mobsters but Rivet didn't look happy. Lot of happyfacing and joying for homecoming. Later eve we no see Doc nor Glitzy. Guess what?

Night, night Lola

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Zapping and Springering

Thursday, 10th December 2071

Dear Lola,

Doc was backcoming today together with Splash and Glitzy. Splash had been troublefacing some abduction by warthog or something. They helped derringer her out earlier the day. But was not main issue in flat, cause we're eavesdropping Claires phoning with Splash newed that Doc has Glitzy as his new input. Guess they'd been interfacing 'n bitchin' all night. Claire phoning was like: "You know the latest news? - No?! What? Doc'n Glitzy are coupling?! Didn't know that! Wanted to tell you different!" News spread fast in Rats Nest even if Scrappers driven off turf. Was just second after that until news fullspread.

Was sitting in kitchen, breasting Daniel when the three arrived. Just after doorstepping they all got hailed and much gratzing all around. But when they're entering the kitchen, Liz zapped Glitzy handshakingwise totally random. Said: "Sorry, cyberwaremalfunction, bitch", and outwent. Very stupid! Ya go for ex not for off if ya do backstabbing in gang, think. But things different than Pica here. Doc helping Glitzy and saw him almost going ballistic. But first helped Glitzy saw she's zapped but okay. So went out after Liz, truefacing her maybe hardcoring, no know.

Much noising around and peeps said Liz maybe pinking barbielove with Doc. And Doc with no girl for six or eight years or such. And Liz maybe waitin'. Whatever. Liz very deadhead pissing off Glitzy, guess. Cause doesn't help for getting love zapping Docs new fothm input. Just getting trouble 'n lot of ex'ing 'n blood 'n that. Really like Liz, cause Liz is best friend of Maggie now. Better say only friend but Rusty maybe. And me no like watchin' Liz gettin' ex'd by Glitzy.

Glitzy is nice aged woman. Must be over twenty guess but lookin' okay for age. She's working as courier or something peeps say 'n helpin' Doc with problem. Guess helped him much, looking like. She's slender 'n moving smooth 'n catlike. Redhead 'n greeneyed trouble kinda but cute, trying be nice to peeps 'round, guess. Me think she's smart cause she's eagle-eying ev'rythin' around but not eyesetting on place or someone too long, to 'void angryfacing peeps, guess. She's deep street, can tell'ya, even if she's doing lady. Ya can see eyes…

Doc went after Liz, me went in livingroom where Doc put her. Jasper, big hound of Doc guarding her, she already covered alot. Was a bit shaky though. Was nothing doable 'bout that so I was backtracking kitchenwise. When Doc was backcoming, she was feetpulling herself, said she had deal with Liz now. Think she's right. If not dealing with Liz peeps rip her to pieces over time. Never gettin' respected by Scrappers. Bit my lip for fearing she'll offing Liz. So went out to stairway watch fight.

She was coolblooded, talking to Liz, who smoking tarnails downstairs on floor below. Slowly down stepping stairs. Glitzy was smoothtalking but checking out rules with Liz by that. Asked why she'd done that. That she never done Liz nothing. If she's willing to not taking cyberweapon and things. Then Liz darted forward, screaming and namecalling Glitzy in face of gang. Thought she'd zapping her 'gain but she's very fast. Not seen a thing but was some zapping, she had zapstick in hand and Liz was backwalled, sliding down on floor, offed. She was no exing Liz after that. Just turned say 'sorry' or something, total random! I would hardcored her for what she said. Very deadheaded Liz. And girl was boosted or something. Never seen pulling weapon that fast. Not seen her pulling weapon at all. Was just there when zapping Liz, so fast! I'll ask her for trick or ware later.

Peeps where going inside after that. Not much happyfacing but respecting Glitzy, guess. And know Glitzy had to. Liz total deadhead! What's on mind with her? Guess she's deathwishing or something. Inside I straighted to Glitzy, thanking her for not exing Liz. Liz may be deadhead but she's friend. Glitzy just blankfaced. Whatever. Guess things went well, if Liz ex'd what options were left for Daniel and me? I won't pull knifeing anyone at moment if things shitfanning. Hopefully, as long I'm not totally decon.

Later Whistler came in. First he'd not knowing about Doc and Glitzy, but when knowing, he totally bitched. Doc and him soon angryfaced 'n springered 'bout him girlfriending Glitzy. Whistler was shitting Doc a lot but guess that's kinda family thing, so I just peeked into it and stepback'd and no one else did, for it's noones bizz deal with Docs internals. They outwent and fight settled. No know what happend cause Growler was doorstopping letting noone out. Guess that's private matter here and no gangthing. Funny peeps here have family inside gang and not gang is family. Think that's exclusive and if not then lot troublemaker. Doc said I'm his foster. But Maggie don't want to be fostered. Cause I need some protection, but fostering sucks. I know fosters and that's shitrain all day.

Now member and sensemaking! Before Whistler entried, Doc 'n Glitzy were funnylooking into kitchen peeking on Maggie. Wasn't sure they're strangelooking at me, but guess now Maggie was focused. And guess they talked 'bout fostering Daniel and me. But me no like being fostered, that's sure no mood for shitstorm all day. Maggie is momming now, so guess I'm parental 'n grownup status. But all just guess and I better sit'n wait what happens. Can't do much 'bout that anyway.

Liz went talking to Glitzy. Guess they settled some things, cause Liz came back alive. Looking 'bit better. Docs new input's a shitload of trouble. Hope she's valueing that, cause noise louder than passing trains!

Night, Night, Lola!

Samstag, 3. März 2012

Ghostcrazed (private)

<<<<<< NON-PUBLIC ENTRY >>>>>>>

Wednesday, 9th December 2071

Dear Lola,

woke up this morning from peeps buggering me 'bout using the toilet. Finally my tub got tabbed with a blanket for peeps are bit pissy with piss here. Liz came in and forced me out of room. So got sleepwalkin up kitchenwise passing bedroom full of sleepin Scrappers. Doc got out Scrappers got barred by Knight Errant by smoothtalkin' lawboy and stuffed 'em in our 'ready stuffed flat doublewhopperwise. Heard voice from kitchen so shuffled that, Daniel in arms.

My mind still cottened so when I saw Whistler was 'ready too late to bail. Stared me down, luring aggro, snapblade in hand. I nailed me on floor for no options, pinched Daniel for him crying may safe Maggie. Before somethin' could happen, Doc moved between, trying to stop ex Maggie. That moment something strange evented. Told ya 'fore that Doc colted two of my group, Bizo and P-Blanc on Picaland, no, Lola? Yeah, P-Blanc standing in middle of kitchen, dig it? Full bodyshot bloodsplat on belly like ex'ed totally ghosted, yellin': "If someone ex Maggie, Pica ex Maggie!" and pullin' colt -guess random, Lola- tryin' derringer Whistler. True, Lola! P-Blanc totally zombied back from nothing colding air all 'round all totally crazed, tryin' stop P-Blanc exing Whistler. Bullets sounding strange muffled grayshadowing walls and things with missin' shots and wierdoing and totally crazed. True, Lola! Seen it!

Doc fightin' ghosted Pica bareknuckling him, but just hittin air an' smoke, true, Lola. Kitchen much too crammed for gunning down so Doc screamed, I shall make him go, me screamed: "Go away!" or somethin' an after moment, ghost flushed. No understand nothing now, Lola. For all peeps staring me, Whistler pointing me: "Was that this little witch?" Called me witch, Lola, but I'm magic as commlink, true! Backwalled totally whitefaced and saying: "Peep, no this wasn't Lola, I'm no mojo, true." Doc stepped in, callin' me might been himself and Maggie safed Whistler - again. All staring Doc now, guess. Said something happened him lately.

All world go wanky now, Lola.

But I was still whitefaced and telling peeps I wasn't doing that, when Whistler stepped up to me, knifehanded. Thought no ex'ed but he put knife in my hand, leaving room. Total random, Lola, total crazed world. But me was too jellylegged and whitefaced to say 'n do something 'bout that 'n peeps started talking and waving arms, all random and guess? Doc darted after Whistler and things really got fucked now. If Doc is now wizworm, he's no control of that. Asked me to keep quiet so me no public blogging 'bout that.

Never saw ghost in my life, Lola, totally crazing me out. Bad dreaming soon, for sure. Got a new knife now but don't think good sign. Wish I no had that cutter for now Maggie armed and killfree, guess. Things gone worse.

Hope see ya tomorrow if still no ghost, Lola, Night night!